Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Games and Activities - printable

Here is a collection of Christmas-themed printable games and activities. 

Click on the thumbnails for the printable .pdf docs.

Printable Games

The games are best printed onto light card; you can also laminate them if you like. Use a die (dice) and any small coloured counters/buttons etc for 'movers'.

These games are designed to use with 'word cards' to practise Sight Vocabulary - you can make small cards with words for your child to practise, or substitute the words with jokes, problems, challenges etc.


Printable mini-book: "We Love Christmas"

This page can be printed and carefully folded into a tiny book. Instructions for folding it are here (and there is also a blank book so you can make your own): 

Printable Christmas Activity Sheets: 



Fun Games to play at a Christmas get-together (with small gifts; suitable for any age group, though 'Santa Swap' is better with young children) - click on thumbnails to download instructions:


Links to more Christmas Activities

Christmas Songs - printable song sheets on my website "Cathy's Chords" to sing & play on ukulele/guitar /banjo (also links to Christmas clipart, eCards) 


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