Sunday, December 2, 2018

Change of website domain and Christmas reading games


The domain for my "Reading Should be Fun" website expired a while ago, and it has been taken over by a reading tutor (this is not me!). I've purchased a new domain, but it's .NET, not .com.
So the new web address for now for the site is The old .com site address will still be on the games.
I haven't updated the site for ages, but I'll keep it going in case....


Here's a couple of games I've made in the past with a Christmas theme, to use with word cards for children to practise their sight vocab.

Santa's Helpers printable game

These games are best printed onto A4 size light card; they can be laminated before use. You can get the children to colour in the Santa Words game before laminating.

Santa Words printable game

To play the games, you will also need 'Sight Words' cards (these can be words written on small pieces of card) a die/dice or spinner, and small tokens or 'movers' (buttons, small pieces of coloured card etc).

The Santa Words game also makes a fun, cheap take-home holiday activity - just print/copy it onto A4 plain (or thick) paper; encourage the children to also make their own Sight Words cards to practise.

The games will be available for free download (for educational, non-commercial use) during the rest of December and the beginning of January.