Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sight Words Practice ( -igh words or general use) - Free printable Halloween Game for October

My students have always loved using a board game with Sight Words cards, and Fright Night is an old favourite. You can cut up some small pieces of card and write out the words you want them to practice, or use the Sight Word cards you're currently working on. The game is especially suitable for -igh words.

This game is suitable for Halloween, but it's fun at any time. You can print it onto light card and laminate for group use, or you can copy it off in black-and-white onto paper and give each student their own copy to keep and re-use. Players will also need dice and small tokens/movers.

Fright Night

This board game will be available for free download (for personal/educational, strictly non-commercial use) during October.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Long I" sound

The most common ways of writing the "long I" sound are i_e and igh, so I've made a fun worksheet that you can print for reading practice highlighting these letter patterns.

This sheet will be available for free download for the next 2 weeks.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Long A" sounds word matching

There are lots of words using a 'long A' sound; the most common ways of spelling this sound are ay, ai and a_e.

I have made a set of cards that may be used for matching or as a challenging memory game (3 cards need to be matched to get a set, not just 2).

You can download this free printable set of cards until the end of this month - or you can make your own sets. Your students could help you think of words to use.

 Memory/Matching Cards: Long A

To print the cards, click on the link above to open the .PDF file, and print on light card. I have made the font grey rather than black so the words don't show through the cards easily, but I have also made a grey 'backing' that you can print on the back (see below). You may prefer to use coloured card.

For best results, laminate before cutting up the cards, and keep the cards in a zip-lock bag for future use.

 Backing for Cards_Diagonal Weave_Grey

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vowel blends: oi/oy revision

This week I'm posting a Bingo game with -oi-/-oy words to help children learn or revise these vowel patterns.

The game will be available for free download for a week; click on links below to open .PDF sheets to download/print onto light card (laminate before cutting out for best results).

You will also need small counters or pieces of card for players to use to mark or cover the words as they are called out (10 for each player).

Here are the links for the .PDF sheets:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

/ai/ digraph revision - free printable board game for September

This month, I've made a new printable board game using commonly words with the /ai/ digraph. It can be printed onto light card and laminated for best results. You will also need dice and movers/tokens to play the game.

The game will be available for free download during September from my Free-Fun-n-Games site: 

The site has more free printable reading games and fun resources/information, as well as some useful teaching resources that are currently available for a small donation.