Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Sight Word game

Here is a printable board game with a Christmas theme that you can use to help children practise their Sight Words; just use any words they need to practise, written onto small cards.
You will also need some 'Movers' or tokens and a die or spinner.

                                                   Santa Words printable board game

For best results, print the game board onto light card, and laminate before use.
This game will be available for free download (for educational, non-commercial use) until Christmas.

Next week, I'll post some "movers" to print, assemble and use with the game - and later in the month, I'll post a 'colour-in' version that you can print or copy to send home with your students to encourage them to keep practising their sight words over the holidays.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sight Words Practice - Motorbike Race board game

Appealing to the boys...

I developed this simple board game a couple of years ago to appeal to several of my boys who would much rather be out riding their dirt bikes than practising their reading skills!

The game can be used with any sight vocab cards; I laminated a coloured-in copy on card for use at school with small groups, and gave the children their own paper copy to colour in and keep for use at home.

Motorbike Race -printable game board

It just needs some word cards, some kind of tokens (‘movers’) and a die or spinner to go with the game board. It's a very simple game to play, with lots of picture spaces on the board to give the players more chances to read word cards.
You can download this game for free during November (for private/educational use). Click on the picture or caption for the PDF file.