Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Bunnies- finish the sentence sheet

This is a simple activity; you can print it or just use it on an iPad, tablet or computer.
I've done and black and white version to save ink (or to colour in) if you want to print it.

"I Spy" - Easter theme

Here are some "I Spy" sheets I've made with Easter pictures; I've done a black and white version if you want to print it, or you can just open the colour one on your tablet or computer.

As well as the usual "I Spy" questions (probably a bit limited here), you can also think of others such as
- how many eggs?
- how many rabbits/chicks?
 how many groups of 3 chicks?
- find the chocolate bunny/ the worm/ a ukuele/ 3 rabbits wearing a bow/ an egg with stars etc....

The 2 sheets are slightly different (as not all the pictures worked in colour/ black & white).

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Easter printable Board Game for Sight Words

This is an Easter-themed board game I made some time ago to use with Sight Words cards. You could also adapt it to use with other cards, such as maths problems, general knowledge, riddles, jokes.

I've done a colour version as well as a black-and-white one (to save ink/to colour in).

Print and play as for the other games on A4 card or paper, using 'movers' and a die/dice as well as your own Sight Words or other home-made cards.

Friday, April 3, 2020

"I Spy" sheet 3

Here's another "I Spy" sheet that you can print or just use on your computer or device.

Some extra questions to as for this one could include:

What things could you use to make music? For eating and drinking?

What things might you give to a baby?

How many animals can you find with
- 6 legs?
- 4 legs?
- no legs?