Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New printable board game for Sight Words

Term 2 began here last week, and I have been working with my Reading Intervention children on the "Bridges" reading program.

At the end of each session, I play a quick game with the child, highlighting a teaching point. Often I want to practise some Sight Words, so I have been going through my collection of games to find simple ones that won't take too long to play.

I thought I'd make a new one with cat pictures, as most children like cats.... so here it is.


Cat on the Mat - printable board game

You can download the game for the rest of April. Print it on light card and laminate for best results.

You can make or use word cards, or if you are playing the game with the child, you can just write a list of words and point to the word you want the child to read - I do this if I'm short of time as each child will be working on different words, and they can vary from session to session.

You will also need tokens or 'movers' and a die (dice).