Thursday, January 28, 2016

Planning for the new school year

Our school year for 2016 is just starting, so I'm getting organised with planner formats.

I like to have a yearly planner on my pinboard above my desk, and I use an A4 copy also in my Planner/Diary.
Here is the planner I have made for 2016; it can be printed on A4 or A3 paper or light card (I've printed one out and shaded in our school and public holidays, then photocopied it for other staff members as well).

Year Planner_2016

March 2nd- please note- the files to download are stored in a Dropbox folder, but have been unavailable for the past week due to 'excess traffic' on the files in the account.... Dropbox are not responding to my queries, so I have replaced the link to the year planner; I'm hoping other links will be available again as soon as Dropbox allows the account to be open again.

For day-to-day planning, I have formatted pages to print and photocopy back-to-back, then punch holes and put in a loose-leaf folder.

We have 6 sessions in our school day, so these sheets have 6 sessions, but I have left the sheets as Word documents so if you want to use them, you can alter them before printing. Print both pages and copy back-to-back, enough for each week of the year. You will need to fill in the dates on each page.

 Here are the links to the documents:

For fortnightly planning, you may also like a blank 2-week page that you can print, copy and add dates to:
 Diary lined page - 2 weeks