Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New reading game for July: Fly Up in the Sky

I missed out on posting a game in June, as I've had various issues with computer use and with websites - had to let 'ReadingShouldBeFun.com' lapse as it was costing me too much, and I'd never really done much with it - and after having to fix problems with Dropbox file storage on my other sites, I've now got disappearing images as Photobucket decided it would no longer host '3rd party' images without a hefty subscription! Still working on fixing that issue, as they didn't give me enough notice.

However, the Blog seems to still be working OK, and I have a new game that I made a few months ago to help children learn the 'words ending with long y' pattern (usually words of one syllable as in the game, but of course July is an exception!)

Here's the game - as usual, print on light card, laminate, add dice and 'movers'; it's free to download for non-commercial educational use until at least mid- August.