Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 Planner

The new decade has arrived - hope this is a wonderful one for you!

I just realised I hadn't made my 2020 planner yet, so here it is - you can print it as A4 or make it larger (A3) for a wall planner.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Holiday and Christmas Games

It's almost December - time to post some games for the holidays!

These games can be printed for children to take home over to use over the holidays, to practise their Sight Words. 

They will need some Sight Words cards if playing as a reading game; also movers and a die or spinner.



Click on the links to open a .PDF document that you can print. These games are free for you to download and use for private/educational (strictly non- commercial) use. They will be available for download during December and the beginning of January.

☺ Wishing everyone Happy Holidays 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Another website change; Halloween Game

Since my last post, I've lost another domain name for my website (didn't pay up in time), but I've bought a new domain name, gametoread.com, so the site is back up - with links to other sites, blog and facebook page.

Family events/illness have taken over in the last year, and reading hasn't been on my mind, so I haven't been adding to the blog etc; but as it's almost the end of October, I thought I should post a Halloween game - so here's one I've dug out and re-vamp(ir)ed!

As usual, you'll need a die and movers to play the game; click on the link below and print onto A4 paper or light card; laminate if you want to keep using it. The link will be active until mid-November.

BOO! printable reading game for -oo- words