Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Word Games and Activities

For my last post of 2015, I'm offering a couple of printable board games with a Christmas theme, for children to play and practice Sight Words - they can be used with any words that need to be practised or revised over the holidays.

The first is a black-and-white version of "Santa Words", which can be cheaply printed/photocopied onto thick paper for children to take home over the holidays and colour in.

Santa Words B&W printable game

"Santa's Helpers" is another fun game for Sight Words practice:

Santa's Helpers col. Printable Reading Game 

These games are best printed onto A4 size light card; they can be laminated before use. 
They will also need "Sight Words' cards (these can be words written on small pieces of card) a die/dice or spinner, and small tokens or 'movers' (buttons, small pieces of coloured card etc). 
The games will be available for free download (for educational, non-commercial use) during the rest of December and the beginning of January.

As it's getting near the end of December, I thought I should also add links to some of my free Christmas activities on my other websites…

Christmas computer Jigsaws, clipart - http://www.epuzzled.net/holidayfun.htm

Christmas songs (also links to clipart, eCards) - http://www.cathyschords.com/christmassongs.htm
                            These song sheets have lyrics and chords for guitar; 
                            there are also some song sheets on the site for ukulele and banjo.

Christmas games –  Santa Snatch, Santa Swap http://www.free-fun-n-games.com/funstuff.htm
                               These games are lots of fun for a Christmas gathering – they don’t need expensive gifts, and are suitable for all age groups. 

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season... I will be back next year with more ideas and resources for teaching reading.

Sight Words practice- "Christmas Movers" for board games

Oops... I thought I had scheduled this post for the beginning of December, when I went away for a few days, but I just realised it hadn't been published... so I'll post it now along with this week's post!

Board games are a great way to get children to practise their Sight Words- whether you use flash cards or just cut up pieces of light card or thick paper and write on the words your child needs to practise.

You can use almost any board game, if you make a rule that when a player has a turn, he has to read a word card correctly before he rolls the dice!

Last week I posted a Christmas-themed board game for use with sight words cards, and this week I'm posting some 'movers' to use with the game (or with any other board games to give them a Christmas theme).

You just need to print them onto light card, then cut out and glue them (assembly instructions are included). Your child may also like to copy the design to make their own movers with small stickers or their own drawings.

This sheet of Christmas Games Movers will be available for free download in December (for educational, non-commercial use).