Friday, October 25, 2019

Another website change; Halloween Game

Since my last post, I've lost another domain name for my website (didn't pay up in time), but I've bought a new domain name,, so the site is back up - with links to other sites, blog and facebook page.

Family events/illness have taken over in the last year, and reading hasn't been on my mind, so I haven't been adding to the blog etc; but as it's almost the end of October, I thought I should post a Halloween game - so here's one I've dug out and re-vamp(ir)ed!

As usual, you'll need a die and movers to play the game; click on the link below and print onto A4 paper or light card; laminate if you want to keep using it. The link will be active until mid-November.

BOO! printable reading game for -oo- words