Saturday, March 28, 2020

"Teddy Bear Hunt" printable board game

This is just a simple, fun game to print and play, inspired by the "Teddy Bear Hunt" activity currently popular where people put teddies in their window for passing children to spot - what a lovely idea!

"Gratitude Game" printable board game

Here's a new one I've made to accentuate the positives... something we all need to try to keep doing especially now ;)

Print and play as for other board games; you can print the cards I've made, or make up your own.

There's a black & white version if you would prefer - good to colour in.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

"Star Quality" Printable Board Game for Positivity

This simple game board was originally made to use with word cards, but I've adapted it to give it a more general, positive spin.
The only task you have to undertake in order to move on an extra space is to say something positive about someone else - or about yourself :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

"Dinosaur Dare" family fun game to print and play

Having fun as a family is one of the most valuable things you can do in times of high stress.

This game was originally made to use with sight vocab cards, but I've adapted it to use with 'Dare' cards, and I've made a set of fun 'dares' to go with it to encourage fun activities to burn off a bit of energy when children are cooped up inside (and hopefully cause a few giggles too).

You can print off the cards I've made; if you're printing on paper and the writing shows through, get your children to scribble patterns on the back with coloured pencil.

Alternatively, you can use any cards you like with the game - e.g. words/sums/questions - if you want to us it as a learning activity - or just make up your own fun 'dares' to suit your family.

"Woodland Way" printable board game

I couldn't resist making a game from these gorgeous pictures scanned from vintage gift wrap.

You can print (A4 size) and play as for a normal game board, or you an use the game with cards you make (e.g. sight words, maths problems, fun facts - whatever you want your child to practise).

I hope you enjoy the game :)

"Up, Up and Away" printable game board for Word Cards

This is a scan of an old game I made to use with Sight Words cards.

You can print it and play at home... or get your children to make your own board game and decorate with drawings or stickers!

Monday, March 23, 2020

"Balloon Fun" printable game - for word cards

Here's another printable board game to use with word cards, to practise 'Sight Words'. This one has a 'colour in' version if you prefer :)

"Let's Beat the Bogeymonster" - cooperative group game

This one is already on my free-fun-n-games website (printable games page), but I thought it's worth posting again here in view of the 'monster' we're all facing.

I developed it to play with a small group of children in a teaching situation but it would work just as well in a family, with any kind of questions, varying difficulty of word cards for each child, etc.

You can use the printed template, or just draw your own. Have fun with it, and let your children suggest variations :)

"Teddy Bears' Picnic" game board for word cards

Here's a scan of a game I made years ago to print and use with any Sight Vocab cards.
You'll also need a die(dice) and tokens or 'movers' to play the game.

"Dinosaur Daze" game board for b,d, p practice

Many children have trouble distinguishing between the letters b, d and p - which is understandable, especially if they're clever "3-dimensional" thinkers ;)

This is a simple game I developed to give practice in quick recognition of those letters.

Print and play as for the other board games here.

"I Spy" sheet 2

Here's the second "I Spy" sheet.

You can use it like normal "I Spy" (also with variations suggested in the last "I Spy" post), or you can use these sheets to help young children develop their visual discrimination, analytical and language skills by using questions such as those on the 'Questions' sheet below.

"Violet Trail" printable Sight Words game - M100W Level 7

This is the last of the printable game boards I've made for the "Magic 100 Words" (M100W) - 1st 100 sight words. This one is for the 7th level, Violet words.

"Indigo Sky" printable Sight Words game - M100W Level 6

I've done 2 versions of this game; the second uses less ink if you're worried about your printer running low (your child can always colour in the sky with a dark blue pencil).

"The Orange Tree" game board for Sight Words (M100W)

Orange is the 5th level of the "Magic 100 Words" (1st 100 Most Commonly Used Words).

Print and play as for the other games. There is a black-and-white version if you're short of printer ink (or just draw your own version).

"Green Means Go" - printable game for Sight Words (MIOOW words 4 - Green words)

Green is the fourth level of the M100W (Magic 100 Words), so I made this game to practise them.

Print and play as for the other Sight Words games.

"Up in The Blue" printable game for M100W Blue words

This is the 3rd game for the 'M100W' sight words - for Blue level.

Print & play as for the other games :)

"Autumn Leaves 2" - printable game for Red M100W Sight Words

This game is the 2nd game I've made in the 'M100W' series - for the Red words.

Print and play as for "Autumn Leaves".

Sunday, March 22, 2020

"Sight Vocabulary" words

When they are learning to read, it's useful if children build up a bank of "Sight Words": commonly-encountered words that they can instantly recognise. This will not only make their reading more fluent, but may also help them to predict/check unfamiliar or difficult words in context.

You can look on the Internet for lists of 'Most used words'/'First 100 words'/'most commonly used words'; these may vary a little according to which country you're in. Many schools here in Australia teach the M100W (Magic 100 Words).

Some children will pick up common words easily, but others will need to practise frequently before the words become ingrained. This can be very tedious and off-putting, so it's good to use games to encourage them to practise.

Some ideas for games are on my website:

I'm posting other printable game boards here, many of which can be used with sight words cards.

You can make your own sight words cards (cut up light card, cereal boxes or paper and write the names on one side - use pencil if writing on paper, so the words don't show through). Put the cards face down in a pile, or put them in a bag or tissue box, to pick them out of.
You could also write a numbered list of 12 words, and just get your child to roll 1 or 2 dice to pick which word on the list to read. 
Children who can write can make their own word lists or cards - this is excellent practice; just check that the words are spelt correctly. Older siblings can make word cards or games for younger ones. Writing the words they know in notes, letters or stories is also an excellent way to reinforce them.

"Flash Cards" are also good to have - make them a bit larger, and use coloured pens or different/decorated fonts. You can use them in games, practise how quickly they can go through them, or leave them around the house. 

It's a good idea to have a selection of about 12 words to practise - 3 'known' words, 6 'almost-known' words and 3 'new' words. You can rotate these as they become familiar or as you come across new words that need to be learnt.

For beginner readers, I like to add in words that are already familiar to them - including their name, family or pet names, and words such as Mum/Mom, Dad etc. This makes it more personal and gives them confidence. It's really important that children have fun with words and gain a sense of achievement as they learn them.

One way to help children gain a sense of their progress is to check off words on a list each time they read them correctly. I made a "Fast Track Words" booklet for some of my reluctant students, who were more interested in riding bikes than in learning words (and who can blame them?).
Here's the book cover if you would like to use it; just staple in some blank pages - see instructions below- and print off some "Fast Track" Word Lists:

                                               "Fast Track Words" book cover to print

"Autumn Leaves" - printable game for Golden & Red Sight Words

If your child has been learning the M100W at school (Magic 100 Words) or if you want to teach or reinforce the most common 'Sight Words' (words that are useful for children to know instantly by sight), I'll be posting some suitable games over the next few days.

This is for the first level - 'Golden Words', plus a few of the 'Red Words'.

Print as for the other games on light card if you have it, and laminate if you want it to last longer. You will need a die (dice) and any small tokens or 'movers' (e.g. buttons, small stones, mini erasers, tokens from other games).

Saturday, March 21, 2020

"Butterfly Hunt" printable game board for Sight Vocab cards

Here's another game to use with sight vocabulary cards; print and play as for the other 'Sight Vocab' games.

For this one, I've also made some 'movers' that you can print on card and assemble. You can print the PDF below onto card, or you can use the design to make your own - just don't make them too large or they won't fit on your game board ;)

Friday, March 20, 2020

"Alien Worlds" printable board game for Sight Vocab Cards

Here's another game to use with Sight Words cards, with a fun theme  - print and play as for "Travel Time". You can choose between the version with the coloured background, or the less ink-intensive version.

"Travel Time" printable board game for Sight Vocab Cards

Although travel is heavily restricted at this time, I thought I'd share the scans of this game I developed some time ago. Travel Time 2 is the same format, but with more complex procedures.

The game is designed to be played with word cards, to encourage children to practise their Sight Vocabulary. You can make your own cards by cutting up thick paper or thin card (even cereal packets etc) and writing or pasting words on one side.
You will also need a die and tokens or "movers" to play the game.
Click on the links below the pictures, to open the printable .PDF file. Print on light card and laminate for more lasting results.

"I Spy" for fun and for pre-reading skills

"I Spy" is an old but fun game!'

Here's a sheet of "I Spy" pictures that can be used to entertain children at home, and to sharpen reading skills such as:

  • visual discrimination
  • knowledge of letter names
  • awareness of letter sounds 
  • awareness of sounds in words.

For younger children, it's good to use sounds rather than letter names, e.g. "I spy something beginning with 'th'..." for thumb.

Here are some ideas for variations of the game:  "I Spy" variations

I'll post some more picture sheets, and other ideas for using them, soon.

"Cats & Dogs" - sight words printable board game

There are 2 versions of this game - one with 'first' sight words, the other with blank spaces so you can write in your choice of sight words, word families etc.

They are both black & white, 'colour in' format. Click on the links below to open the printable .pdf files.

Print on A4 paper or card, and print the instructions on the back. Laminate after writing words/colouring if you wish, and use a die or spinner and tokens or 'movers' (e.g. buttons) to play the game.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

"Word Wizard Challenge" basic vocab game

Here's an oldie - a scan of one of the first games I made; it was always popular, so worth sharing again. It's handy for practising basic sight words and some easy-to-decode words. Print onto A4 paper or light card, and add extra glitter/stars if you like before laminating.

Play as a normal board game with a die and 'movers'

"Bug Bashers" printable board game

With all the dreadful news and panic going on with COVID-19, children are likely to be very stressed,  no matter how calm their parents and teachers try to remain.

I've created a board game for a bit of a lighter-hearted reminder of ways in which we can maintain some control even in a pandemic.

You can download it to print (in colour, or in black-and -white for children to colour), on A4 paper or thin card. You can laminate it if you want it to last longer. You will need a die (dice) or spinner and some small "movers" or tokens (e.g. buttons, stones etc).

Note: The game files are in .PDF format, but if you find the fonts don't work on your computer, use the .JPG option - not as clear, but you won't be missing any of the text ;)

This game is free for all personal/educational, non-commercial use; the free downloads will be available for the rest of 2020 :)

Shamrock Memory Cards; more games to come soon

I'm a bit late for St Pat's Day, but I thought I'd post these memory cards anyhow. Shamrocks are always cute.

I'm intending to post more printable reading games etc. over the next several weeks, to support those who are struggling to entertain and teach children staying home because of the COVID-19 scare.

These are tough times for us all, no matter where we live. This is one small thing I can do to try to help someone, somewhere. All the games I add in the next few months will be available for private/non-profit/educational use until things settle down - at the very least until later in the year.

These cards can be printed onto A4 light card (or thickish paper, and laminated), then cut out. The words supplied are -at family words, but you can always write any other words on the card fronts before laminating the cards (use pencil so it doesn't show through).

Click on the links below the images to open a printable .PDF of each sheet. If you're using the words, print them onto one side of your A4 card, and the pictures on the other.