Friday, June 5, 2015

Word Wizard Challenge sight word game

This is the printable reading game for this month - it's a scan of a board game I made a few years ago.

I originally drew it it black, printed it on coloured card, then decorated with glitter pen, glitter and stars before laminating; simple but it's been very well-used and it's been helpful to get children to practise common sight words.

I added in several words (e.g. Mum, Dad, cat, zoo) which are not on many Sight Words list, but give beginner readers confidence as they often seem to pick them up easily.

It's fun and rewarding to make your own board games to help your children learn, and children often have their own ideas to contribute, too!

Here is the Word Wizard Challenge game:

Word Wizard Challenge game
Word Wizard Challenge instructions.

Click on the links above to open a .pdf file to print (the instructions are on a separate page - you can print them on the back of the game if you like). You are welcome to download and print this game for your personal, educational use. It will be available through June.

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