Thursday, June 18, 2015

Silly Sentences - l and l words

Not surprisingly, many children get confused with capital i and lower-case l (in many fonts they are identical, and beginner readers are not always able to use the context to identify the letters - some will even read "I" in the middle of a word instead of l).

I created some words using I, i and l to help children practise these letters, and they had lots of fun making "silly sentences" with the words.

You can download the sheet of words, print onto light card and laminate before cutting up for best results, or you can just write these or similar words onto pieces of card.

Add extra words if you like, but remember to allow for correct punctuation - words with capital letter for the start of the sentence and full stop/exclamation mark etc. for the end of the sentence.

Here is the i/l Silly Sentence sheet:

You are welcome to download this sheet and use it for educational, non-commercial purposes, or to link to this page, but not to share the file itself.

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