Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sight Words - ‘Practice Words’ printable sheet

Children can have a lot of trouble learning their common ‘sight words’, so you may need lots of strategies to help them.

One aid is to write out the words to be learnt in different colours and styles, to help build a mental picture of the words in their surroundings. I developed this sheet to help a student who was having a lot of difficulty with some words.

You can download it to use with your child/students if you like; you can write in the words they are struggling with, or better still get the child to write in the words (just make sure they are correctly spelt and that the letters are facing the right way – write softly for them to trace over if necessary!). The child can use coloured pens or pencils, and can decorate the page with colours, drawings or stickers as they like.

The boxes are big enough for 2 or 3 ‘related’ words (e.g. where, there; would, could, should;  he, me, we; go, no, so) – or you can just focus on one word in each box.

When the child practises the words, you can tick those remembered correctly and quickly.

The child may want to highlight or circle the words that prove most difficult (giving them the option of doing this also gives them some ‘ownership’ of their learning). 
Discuss why those words are difficult and see if you can work out together a way to help them become easier (break them into letter sounds or ‘chunks’, look for patterns, draw a shape around them, etc.).

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