Thursday, April 23, 2015

First Sight Words - cards for games, matching

Once children learn to recognise a few words, it's good to encourage them to practise until the words become very familiar. 

Here is a page of "First Sight Words" that I made to help beginner readers develop familiarity with some commonly-used words; these are words that I have found children often recognise.

The matching words are in a variety of different fonts, and the text is grey rather than black so the words don't show through light card.


You can print the words onto light card then cut them out to use for matching, for playing 'Memory' (only use 4-6 pairs to start with), or as cards with reading games (free printable reading games are available from, and also  each month on this blog).

Here is a 'background' you can print on the reverse of the cards sheet if you want to make sure the words don't show through (it has a little colour in it; you can print in greyscale if you prefer):

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