Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Words - Sight Words Practice - free printable game for January

This week I'm offering my latest printable board game for free download in January - February. It's designed to be printed on A4 paper or light card (laminate for best results).

Use the game with 'sight words' cards (use thick paper or light card, and write the words with pencil or light felt pen so the writing doesn't show through). You can use words that your child is learning at school or that he finds difficult, as well as some that he 'almost' knows - and a few easy ones as well.

Here's a sheet of blank cards that you can print if you like on white or coloured light card (or just cut up light card to use). Click on the picture to open the .pdf file:

 Blank Word Cards to print

A suggested balance of words for the cards would be: 4 'new' or hard words, 7 'don't quite know' words, and 4 easy words.

You'll also need a die or spinner and some little tokens or 'movers', e.g. counters, little buttons, little coloured card squares etc.

Here's the game to print (click on the picture):

Star Quality_game to print

You can use this game with one child or in a small group. It doesn't take long, so you may want to play it twice to give more players a chance of winning. If you want to make it less competitive, explain that the goal is for all the players to reach the end... and that a player can ask for help if he doesn't know a word.

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