Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wednesday Words: Alliteration

Here it is the first Wednesday of the new year... and time to get Back To The Blog. I got distracted by other tasks, work and website activities, but this year I have had my work hours cut back and I will have Wednesdays free... so I intend to write something here each Wednesday. 

I thought of calling my posts Wednesday Weekly Words of Wisdom,Weird Wednesdays,or Wednesday's Work (you  can tell I like alliteration!), but I have decided to just aim for "Wednesday Words".

This week, I'll focus on alliteration. This is a fun and easy activity for children, and it helps them to begin to recognise a basic element of phonological awareness: 'beginning sounds'. 

Children love to hear and even make up alliterations using their own name, friends' and family members' names, etc. 

You can find some simple poems I have made up using children's names on poems-for-children.webs.com.  
Many of these use alliteration.

Tongue-twisters also use alliteration. You can download a list of tongue-twisters (at least one for each alphabet letter) here: 

Free Download:      Alphabet Tongue Twisters

Free printable worksheet: here is a Tongue Twister worksheet to print - 

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