Thursday, June 16, 2016

Printable board game for /all/ word family

I'm trying to get some of my students to recognise 'little words' or letter patterns inside words.... so I've been using this game I made several few years ago. I let the students borrow it to play at home, so they get extra practice (I also send home a little zip-lock bag with a die and 'wishing stones' for movers).

The game is quite simple to play- just make sure the players can follow the sequence of numbers from the bottom. My students enjoy this game, especially if they land on a bug!

Up the Wall game board 
Up the Wall Instructions

You can download this game for free until the end of this month. Print in colour on white or light-coloured card (or cover paper), and print the Instructions on the back before laminating. You will also need a die/dice and tokens or 'movers'.

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