Friday, October 16, 2015

"Long E" - ee

The 'long e' sound spelled /ee/ is very common in many basic vocab words, so it's a good one to introduce early.

Children can have lots of fun making up poems with -ee words: see, bee, tree, three, free, knee, agree etc. (the, be, me, he, we and she are also useful words to use).

This week, I'm posting a game with /ee/ words. I've done this one as a 'colour-in' game that children can colour and play (cheap to print and copy, too). You are welcome to use this game for educational, non-commercial use. It will be available for free download for a week.

Click on the links to open the PDF document to print. For best result, print on light card before colouring.  Colour the bee 'mover' tokens different colours, and glue onto small squares or circles of thicker card (or just glue on small pieces of different coloured thick card or counters).

You will also need a die(dice) to play this game.

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