Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Long A" sounds word matching

There are lots of words using a 'long A' sound; the most common ways of spelling this sound are ay, ai and a_e.

I have made a set of cards that may be used for matching or as a challenging memory game (3 cards need to be matched to get a set, not just 2).

You can download this free printable set of cards until the end of this month - or you can make your own sets. Your students could help you think of words to use.

 Memory/Matching Cards: Long A

To print the cards, click on the link above to open the .PDF file, and print on light card. I have made the font grey rather than black so the words don't show through the cards easily, but I have also made a grey 'backing' that you can print on the back (see below). You may prefer to use coloured card.

For best results, laminate before cutting up the cards, and keep the cards in a zip-lock bag for future use.

 Backing for Cards_Diagonal Weave_Grey

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