Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March game - Shenanigans

I was going to post about assembling and stapling a half-page book this week, but realised that St Patrick's Day is fast approaching, so I'll do the booklet next week and post a game this week.

Shenanigans is a printable board game (free to download this month) for 2-5 players, designed to get children practising their Sight Words.

Click on the picture to open the printable .PDF file

I have made some new 'movers' that you can print and assemble - these are only available here (see below).

For this game, you will need:
  • game board (see above) printed on A4 size light card or paper (laminate for best results)
  • 'sight words' cards (12-20 words that the child/ren need to practise)
  • a die (dice) or spinner
  • 'movers'or tokens - you can use coloured buttons, counters, tiny toys etc. - or print the movers to go with the game (see below - instructions are included)

Click on the picture to open the printable .PDF file  - available for free download this month.

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